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The leadership failure in your community, city or nation is a pointer to the fact that, there is a leadership crisis and vacuum. It is very possible that, you are next in line to bring hope and change to that community. You are born to lead!

Purpose is always at the core of every leadership success; hence, it is the heart of everything you do in life. A clear understanding of your heartbeat is critical to defining your mission and clarifying your vision.
If you cannot crystallize and clearly articulate your vision in a compelling manner, you can’t motivate your community to action.

Clarity of Vision is critical to becoming an effective leader in this millennium. It is the capacity to comprehend and effectively communicate what you are seeing, and what you want to achieve as a leader, such that others are able to understand it. This is pivotal to the success of anyone who wants to be an effective leader in this 21st Century.



This Century will be the most demanding and dynamic century in the history of mankind. The advances we have made in the last millennium juxtaposed with the challenges we will face in this new millennium requires a paradigm shift amongst us – the emerging leaders of this century.

Paradigms are mental perceptions, ideas or mindsets that you hold in your minds and believe to be true. Once you accept them, they begin to control and influence your responses to the people (you relate with) and the situations you face in life. They act as filters through which you understand the world. They stimulate your thoughts and influence your actions and reactions. You need to go for superior information and get higher perspectives in order to rise above the prevailing limitations and situations of this century.

There is indeed a great demand for a new breed of leaders who will shift their thinking, change their leadership approach, function from a different leadership paradigm, and reposition the different spheres of influence in their nations. You are one of the emerging leaders that will bring the relevant answers to the cry of your community, church, city or country!

In his book, ‘Lead On’, Dr John Haggai, defined leadership as “the discipline of deliberately exerting special influence within a group to move it towards goals of beneficial permanence that fulfill the group’s real need.” The capacity to identify the real or felt needs of a group of people, and find ways to meeting those needs is critical to the success and relevance of every emerging leader in the 21st Century.

It is critical therefore for you to begin to prepare for the leadership assignment that has been prepared for you. It is always better to prepare for leadership responsibilities long before you have the opportunity to lead than to take on a leadership responsibility for which you have not been prepared.

Remember that, John Quincy Adam, the sixth President of the United States (from 1825 to 1829) once said that; “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” The ability or the capacity to influence a group of people positively in the direction toward achieving a clear objective is usually a proof that a leader lies within you.

If you have accepted the call to Lead or coach the next generation of leaders in this 21st Century, kindly get this book, THE EMERGING LEADER. My utmost desire is to use it – THE EMERGING LEADER to help you increase your effectiveness as a leader and inspire you to become relevant in this dynamic and demanding century.

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